Liners that protect you and your health…

...and hide comfortably in plain sight!

Try our organic pantiliners.

The Power of Pantiliners

A healthy lifestyle is definitely on your top of mind, especially today, right? That said, probably the last thing you’ve stopped to wonder is what components are in your feminine hygiene stash. We kind of just expect our personal care products to, well, take care of us, right?

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. The good news is there are others out there thinking of these issues and… we’ve got you covered!

Enter Petals. Replace your plastic liners with a natural solution.

Goodbye, chemicals!

Do you have sensitive skin?

Petals contain probiotics that safeguard your vaginal health.

Our soft and breathable liners promote feminine wellness.

Discretion, please!

White liners giving you away?

Our fabric liners are available in a variety pack to match your garment of choice.

Colors available for Petals are black, pink, orange, blue, and purple.

Bye bye, plastic!

Reduce your plastic footprint!

Petals are made with organic, biodegradable materials.

Plastic-free, natural construction is the eco-conscious choice.

Protect your lifestyle,

your pocket, and your planet

Comfort during a period? It’s not impossible! Petals protect your garments and your health, so you can feel secure and at ease. Concerned about being a responsible consumer?

With Petals, you don’t have to worry about it; we’ve got you.

  • Petals are discreet and comfortable

  • Available in 5 different colors to fit into your lifestyle

  • Our liners are the eco-friendly alternative, since they contain absolutely no plastic

  • They are constructed from 100% natural, biodegradable fibers

  • Say goodbye to allergies with our soft, hypoallergenic blend

Petals work around

the clock to protect YOU!

Our liners are lightweight and absorbent; flexible and comfortable. The fabric is three times as strong as cotton, and we never use bleach in the process, the way traditional panty liner manufacturers do. Instead, our product supports your healthy lifestyle with probiotics and natural ingredients that help you prevent common infections.

What’s more, you can take comfort in that all Petals pantiliners are:

  • Dye & Fragrance-free

  • 100% Organic & Hypoallergenic

  • Eco-friendly & Pesticide-free

We shouldn’t have to worry about whether there are pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals in our personal care products. There are plenty of other issues to invest our energy into.

Promote and protect your vaginal health with Petals.

“I love my pantiliners!”

~ Said No One. EVER.

Traditional pads show through most underwear and are not flattering. No one likes to feel like they are wearing a disposable diaper, right? Yet mostly that’s exactly how it feels. Gross.

Until now.

Imagine a panty liner color that blends into your undergarments, hiding in plain sight! Could you picture choosing from a variety of colors that could match all of your panties?

Well, with Petals, you’ve got it!

Ready to upgrade your feminine hygiene stash?


“Petals are great! They feel really comfortable on my body and they're very discreet so no one knows I'm wearing one. Hands down, the best pantiliners I've ever used.”

Jessica Simmons – Petals Customer

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About the Creator, Michelle O'Day

"My teenage daughters and I were out for our occasional cupcakes and lingerie date. The Marine Corps Ball was in a week, and my husband was bringing all the women in the house to celebrate retirement after twenty six years.

The dress, shoes, hair, makeup, and jewelry were all important, but the pretty little things that no one else could see gave me feelings of secret feminine beauty. However, sticking a white panty liner resembling a thin diaper on my lacy black panties made me cringe.

True to my personality, I thought, “how can I fix this?” The answer was easy, “Make it black.

After consulting with a cousin who ran a successful printing business, I realized making a pantyliner black is not actually easy. So this time if I was going to actually try to market one of my ideas, then why just change color? If I wanted to fix the common product, why not make a product that reflected my convictions?

Put as little trash in our beautiful earth as possible.

The desire to create something, fix something, and share it with others is not unique to me, but finding a team that will partner with me to guide me through each step of an expensive complicated process was very unique. Ideapros has supported me financially and intellectually. They are honest and kind. I trusted them with my idea and they graciously offered me a partnership. Although I never met them, I liked the girls that took on my project. IdeaPros has made it possible for me to share our new product, Petals, with other women who also appreciate a pantliner that is less noticeable on our panties, but more importantly, will keep the Earth more beautiful.”

Petals is not only a good choice for you, but for the environment, too! Protect your healthy lifestyle with a product designed to replace plastic liners with an all-natural, breathable, feminine hygiene and wellbeing product.



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Designer at Viper Ltd.